Everything you want from an acrylic.

Everything you want in a gel.

Control Gel by ibd


ibd introduces the latest in gel nail enhancement innovation: Control Gel.

This LED/UV formula is perfect for overlays and extensions, with a faster and uncomplicated application. Control Gel is lighter than acrylic and hard gels, without sacrificing strength and stability but without the monomer odor or excess dust.


What is Control Gel?

A new Pro-Hybrid Gel that conquers the complexities of hard gel and acrylics in a simple, premixed tube.

It combined benefits of gel and acrylic!

How long will they usually last?

The lightweight formula creates long-lasting.

We have done tests on people’s nails, they have been lasted 3 weeks* usually without lifting and chipping but best way to check the lasting is try them on your nails and see how it goes!

*Lasting period will be depending on individual nail conditions and life style.

Are they strong?

Yes. They are very strong! Stronger than Hard Gel but ultra-light!

Do they damage my nails?

No, only if they are not properly maintained.

Are they healthier than Acrylic?

Yes. They don’t have monomer odour or excess dust which means they are healthier than Acrylic!

Do I need to take them off every time?

No. Control Gel is not soak off gel. We recommend having infills every time as long as you are willing to keep them on your nails. We can file them off when you would like to take them off completely.

I currently have soft gel, should I try Control Gel?

Yes, we highly recommend Control Gel. If you would like to have extra strength or extensions, better shape of arch or Soft gel hasn’t been lasting long enough for you, you should definitely try.

As Control Gel is not soak off gel we do not recommend Control Gel for the person who has nails done only for special occasion and willing to taking them of soon. In that case we recommend to stay on Soft Gel.

Can I still choose my favourite colour?

Yes. You can choose any colour from our regular polish (Extra $10), Gel Polish (Extra $20) and Soft Gel (Extra $35) to apply on the top of clear Control Gel.

Control Gel itself has “Natural”, "Warm pink” and “Cool pink”. If you like these colours you can finish with gel top coat (Extra $5).


Overlay $60 (60mins)

Full Set $80 (90mins)

Infills $70 (90mins)

Extra Polish $10 (+10mins)

Gel Polish $20 (+20mins)

Soft Gel $35 (+20mins)

Gel top coat $5 (+10mins)

Removal $2 per nail

Removal without reapplication $3 per nail