What's Bio Sculpture Gel?


Bio sculpture gel is the perfect solution for long lasting, beautiful, healthy nails

Bio sculpture gel will last chip free for up to 3-4weeks*.The gel mimics your nail’s movement and flexibility, keeping your nails perfectly protected. There is no dry time with bio sculpture as it is cured under LED light.


*subject to individual, nail conditions




Bio sculpture gel is a nail treatment applied to your nails to strengthen and condition them. There is no abrasive preparation or priming, so your nails will be kept healthy without becoming dehydrated or damaged.

Health & safety are a main priority at Bio sculpture, the only nail care company worldwide to be clinically tested and awarded a 5 star safety rating,

Bio Sculpture Gel is removed with a special soak-off solution in less than 15 minutes, leaving natural nails in their original condition. Bio Sculpture Gel can be used to sculpt, correct nail shape.Bio Sculpture Gel is one of the gels that can have nail art embedded into the gel and can then be sealed with the gel to protect the nail art, leaving a smooth finish.


Visit Anticia to meet our friendly Advanced Bio Sculpture Technician to discover the difference of a healthier nail treatment that is a pleasure to use and wear. Bio Sculpture Gel makes nails beautiful, flexible and strong. A superior product, to enhance the natural nails.



Overlay full set clear  $50  (40mins) Great solution for strengthening and growing natural nails

Colour overlay full set $70  (50mins)

French overlay full set $90  (60mins)

Gel sculpture extensions $8 per nail

Removal $1 per nail

Removal without reapplication $2 per nail

*All Soak-off Gel services include cuticle care.

*It is important to note that an overlay is when a person wishes to have no length added to their nail, but desires protection for the nail.