What's OPI Gel Color?



Now Iconic OPI colors in the new Gel Color Collection. This brand-new nail technology comes in a bottle and is applied like a normal lacquer, and then cures under LED light for 30 seconds per layer and lasts up to 2 weeks* chip-free! And even longer on toe nails. OPI’s Gel Color wears like a gel, yet looks and feels like a lacquer.To remove the gel, nails are wrapped in individual wraps and 10 minutes later the color is wiped away.

* subject to individual nail conditions


The range of colors is fabulous! There are a total of 80 Gel Colors available in Anticia. This number will definitely increase as OPI adds more of its already famous color selection to this gel color system.

OPI Gel Color & Mini Manicure                                                         $55        (50mins)

OPI Gel Color & Signature Manicure                                               $65        (60mins)

OPI Gel Color & Mini Spa Pedicure                                                   $60        (45mins)

OPI Gel Color & Signature Spa Pedicure                                        $80       (75mins)


Extras:  French finish    $10      (+15mins)

OPI Gel Color removal  $1 per nail

OPI Gel Color removal without reapplication    $2 per nail


*This product can not be used to create nail extensions.